Silkscreen mono-print of a bike bounding

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These are some, by now, old illustrations that I’ve used in the past issues of Mountain Gazette. It’s getting hard to keep up to date here but I’ll keep trying my best to do so. We’ve just sent off Issue 180 if that gives you an idea of how behind I am.

Keithsillustration Rescue Dog

Mountain Gazette 176 Greif Counselor

Keithsillustration Blood Winter

Mountain Gazette 175 Blood Winter

November 28th, 2010 § 0

These are a couple of illustrations that have run in the last three issues of the gazette. I have been tied up with puting out the December issue and at the same time making sure all my artwork made it to Colorado in one piece. Not to mention all the cooking. I am happy to say the show is a great success and if you are interested here is a link to a photo album on Facebook: Alpine Styles.

As for my absence here is some recent work, enjoy.


God's Dog Mountain Gazette 174

This is an illustration accompanying a short story about Christmas seen through the perspective of a female coyote. She makes her rounds to check in on all her friends before an encroaching storm.


Boy- Mountain Gazette 174 December

A hitchhiker leaves a lasting impact on his driver simply by asking if he recognizes him. I’ll be honest, as a kid I was a big fan of some of the old masters like Frazetta and this article called for some historical charm. I probably could have dug through some of my older sketchbooks for this but new work is so much more exciting.


Head Games, Mountain Gazette 173

A relationship with a mountain man has its issues.  This was a fun experiment with the materials I typically use to create a 2D painting but it turns out it came in handy when I was looking for a different effect.


Hope, Mountain Gazette 172

The premise for this illustration has to do with the freedom swallows display when they are effortlessly flying through the sky inspires and represents hope.

Alpine Styles

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Alpine Styles Art Exibit

Artwork for poster by Jamie Givens

This November I will be putting a collection of painting in an exhibit in Golden Colorado at the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum and the American Alpine Club Library. Part of the proceeds go to benefit the AAC Library, which I am excited to be a part of. Thanks to Jamie Givens a fellow Alpine Style artist the show will be up from November 17th to January 31st. If you can make it the opening is on the 18th. I am one of several artist taking part in this project and it is very rare to have a collection of art made by artist who focus more in Alpine Styles as the show title suggests. Jamie made a great website for the show so please take a look and we were also hosted on Rock and Ice’s news feed.

Alpine Styles Home Page,

News of our show:


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I made a collection of surfing themed paintings on salvaged doors and will be showing them at Radio Room this Thursday. I was looking for something that I am passionate about and surfing is clearly one of them but how I combined a type of Zooplankton known as Radiolarians with this search for what about surfing brings me joy is a bit harder to grasp. These organisms produce intricate mineral skeletons and so are visually stunning but also as a Zooplankton are the base of the food chain in our oceans. The combination of these two qualities is really what made me try and combine capturing a moment in surfing with a deeper unnoticed element of our Oceans which plays a role in providing the means for our excitement because without them surly our experience would be different.

Here is a flier for the show and I will post some shots of the work after it’s hung.

Keiths Radiolarians, show flier for Radio Room

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An attempt to make a unique standing head for a department in the Gazette.

Department standing head

Department Standing head

Recent Gazette endeavors

September 21st, 2010 § 0

A couple of drawings to accompany features submitted by our readers encompassing all aspects of what Gear means to them. The first is a sketch to go with a tribute to Shane McConkey and his K2 Pontoons. The tools accompany a very well written article comparing our modern consumerism with the the need for gear. This is achieved using one of our oldest known ancestors that was found frozen in the northern Russian landscape. Oetzi was considered to have gear or tools to help him survive including even a backpack and that is what make him unique and a great subject for the comparison.

A Tribute to Shane McConkjey and his K2 Pontoons

Oetzi Mountain Gazette 171

Oetzi, Moutnain Gazette 171: Gear

Mountain Gazette Gear Issue September 171


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This is a long overdue addition to my website. I welcome you to explore but I will be adding more work later in the month. I have a show happening at the Radio Room on Alberta Street which I intend to post sketches of as I progress. The theme is surfing of course but it will be mostly done in oils and in fairly large sizes. please come by opening night, last Thursday of August and say hi.

Until then stay tuned for updates on other projects as well.