Silkscreen mono-print of a bike bounding


October 26th, 2010 Comments Off

I made a collection of surfing themed paintings on salvaged doors and will be showing them at Radio Room this Thursday. I was looking for something that I am passionate about and surfing is clearly one of them but how I combined a type of Zooplankton known as Radiolarians with this search for what about surfing brings me joy is a bit harder to grasp. These organisms produce intricate mineral skeletons and so are visually stunning but also as a Zooplankton are the base of the food chain in our oceans. The combination of these two qualities is really what made me try and combine capturing a moment in surfing with a deeper unnoticed element of our Oceans which plays a role in providing the means for our excitement because without them surly our experience would be different.

Here is a flier for the show and I will post some shots of the work after it’s hung.

Keiths Radiolarians, show flier for Radio Room

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