Silkscreen mono-print of a bike bounding


As a professional Illustrator and Designer I am happy to announce that my job is my life… what that really means is that the majority of what I do I enjoy. Whether that’s because I am constantly trying to find my way outside and so I tend to have a plethora of work that utilizes my interests in the outdoors or the industry has some interest in what I do, I’m not really sure. What I do know is that what I have done has been beneficial for myself and the other parties involved… even if that other party has no idea that I’m doing it for them. Like the Condors at the Oregon Zoo or the thousands of readers that see my work in the Mountain Gazette who I can inspire to stay outside or at least show them what they’re missing.

I grew up in New Hampshire where I spent most of my time in the temperate forests of New England and conveniently located close to the beach, thoroughly enjoying all the Atlantic has to offer. This gave me a never ending curiosity and excitement for the outdoor world. As a visual communicator the next step was to share that enjoyment whether people wanted to see it or not. So this led me to Brooklyn where I received a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. From there I traveled across the country to where I currently live and work in Portland Oregon with my dog, who is also an outdoor enthusiast.

Every time I step out my door I expect to find something different or learn something new and each job is a unique opportunity to gain the same fulfillment as finding something amazing. If you are interested in what I do or would like to get acquainted shoot me an email, I’d be delighted to see what comes of it.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for stopping by.